Car-Rep Grey Oxide Structural Primer 300 Gram Aerosol

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Car-Rep Grey Oxide Structural Primer is A premium quality zinc phosphate short oil alkyd based primer. Cost efficient, fast drying, anti corrosive coating. Uses For use on general industrial, engineering products, structural projects and farming environments.
Properties  Fast drying  Excellent anti corrosive properties based on zinc phosphate.  Good adhesion  Excellent weathering after top coating  May be used as sole coating for interior use  Good short term exterior protection (up to 6 months) without top coating.
Surface preparation Abrasive blast clean to AS1627.4 Class 2 minimum. OR: Remove all scale, rust, old and flaking paint etc using a wire brush or mechanical means. All surfaces must be thoroughly degreased with Prepwash. All surfaces must be dried and primed as soon as possible after cleaning. When applying to non-ferrous surfaces such as galvanised iron, zinc/alum or aluminium apply a thin coat of  Etch Primer.

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