Haymes Ultratrim Gloss Acrylic Enamel Ultra Deep Base 500ml UTD



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  • Ultratrim Acrylic Enamel

    With all the benefits of an enamel paint (excellent durability, non-chipping and non-yellowing) and a water-based acrylic (easy application, fast drying and effortless wash up). Ultratrim Acrylic Enamel brings you the best of both worlds. Suitable for interior and exterior surfaces, aluminium, timber and trim work. Available in High Gloss and Semi Gloss finishes, it can be tinted to any colour.

  •  We Can Tint to Your Desired Colour

  • Please Note ** If it is a Darker Colour we will have to use a Different base so it is better to come in to our store pick out a Colour so we can Quote the Correct base that will be needed for your desired Colour to be achieved .

    Semi Gloss

  • Ultratrim Acrylic Enamel is a low-odour, fast drying trim paint with unique water based technology that provides a tough, durable enamel coating. IT is simple to use, hard wearing, non-chipping and non-yellowing formula with a quick 2 hour recoat. The excellent flow and levelling ensure a smooth finish that is easy to clean. Ultratrim Acrylic Enamel can be used for Interior and Exterior surfaces providing a long lasting finish that has the convenience of water wash up. 

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