Haymes Ultimate 2 Pack Epoxy Hardener 10lt Part B For 2K Clears



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Haymes Ultimate 2 Pack Epoxy Hardener 10lt Part B

  • Ultimate Epoxy Coatings

    A ground breaking, water based epoxy coating system that is low in odour, safe and easy to use.  Although designed to be used primarily on concrete floors this multi-functional coating system will protect and enhance tilt slabs, steel, slate and many other substrates. 


    Available in satin and gloss these epoxy systems are superior food grade coating solutions ideally suited for the health care industry, shopping centres and food processing areas as well as factory floors, garages and other heavy duty/high traffic production areas.  Available in a large range of colours as well as clear, Ultimate Epoxy Coatings clearly puts Haymes Paint at the pinnacle of water based protective coating technology.


      • Superior food grade coating
      • Low environmental impact
      • Water based
      • Safe and easy to use
      • Self-priming
      • Excellent chemical resistance
      • Low odour
      • Low VOC
      • Available in satin or gloss
      • Available in a large range of colours
      • Fantastic cleaning properties
      • Suitable for a multitude of substrates – concrete, masonry, slate and some steel surfaces
      • Haymes Ultimate Epoxy Gloss is a two-pack water-based epoxy coating with excellent film properties and surface hardness. Ultimate Epoxy Gloss is a self-priming and environmentally aware coating system that has high water resistance, fantastic adhesion properties, excellent chemical resistance and is surface tolerant. It is an ideal floor coating due to the easy to clean finish and various non-slip ratings that can be achieved with the addition of suitable media.
      • Key features
      •  Self-priming
      •  Low odour / VOC
      •  Superior food grade coating
      •  Excellent chemical resistance
      •  Easy to clean
      • Concrete floors, walls, masonry, slate, and steel in areas such as:
      •  Flooring and seamless flooring
      •  Factories and warehouses.
      •  Hospitals and shopping centres
      •  Waterproofing concrete slabs before floor overlay
      •  Primed steel as a build or barrier coat
      •  Food&beverage industry and Cool rooms
      •  Schools and laboratories
      •  Retaining walls

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