GRP Fibreglass Repair Kit 500 Grams

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GRP Fibreglass Repair Kit 500 grams

Product code: GRPFK500

 BOATS - For repairing fibreglass and plywood boats. Ideal for covering transom edges and for binding split or damaged spars, booms, spinnaker poles and oars. Rot proof and unaffected by marine growth, worms and borers.


SURFBOARDS – For the repair of all types of surfboards, water skis ect.


HOME – For repairing metal roofs, guttering and tiles, water tanks, fibro sheeting and roofing, sheep dips, water troughs, fibreglass furniture ect.


CARS & CARAVANS – For repairing rusted panels filling holes, dents ect. Completely waterproof and weather resistant.


Additional information listed in the material safety data sheet.


Description of Contents:


- 1Kg Polyester Resin.

- 10ml Hardener.

- Paint Brush.

- 3 mixing sticks.

- 1 bag of white powder for making polyester putty

- 1 m2 x 225g fibreglass mat.

- 250ml acetone.

- 10ml catalyst syringe.

- Fibreglass glass advisory sheet.


Completely waterproof and weather resistant.

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