Galaxy Grey S2-03 Glamour Metallic Basecoat House of Kolor 1 PINT

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BC03 Galaxy Gray
Shimrin Metallic Bases are universal bases that may simply be cleared for a final finish, or used as a base coat for Kandys.
* Vehicle must be one even colour before application of base coat.
Size: 945ml
Mixing Ratio 2 Parts Paint to 1 Part RU Series Reducer
Part #: BC03Q
GENERAL INFORMATION • All BC / FBC & C2C Metallic Color Bases are translucent. It is critical the vehicle or substrate is ground coated with one even color.
Excellent ground coat options are KD3000 DTS Foundation Surfacer Sealers (KD3000 or KD3001 recommended for maximum reflectivity), SS01 Silver Sealer, S2-BC02, and all House of Kolor Bases.
The color of the ground coat will affect the appearance of the BC / FBC & C2C-BC/FBC versions dramatically. The darker basecoats improve sprayability and depth.
• BC & FBC Metallic Color Bases are for National Rule VOC Areas Only. C2C-BC & C2C-FBC Bases can be used in Low VOC areas when mixed properly (see instructions). Confirm compliance with state and local air quality rules before use.
IMPORTANT NOTES • KD3000 Series DTS Foundation Surfacer / Sealer • SS01 Silver Sealer ( Tinted with Kandy Koncentrates ) • S2-BC02 • House of Kolor Basecoats • Properly cured and prepared OEM Finishes
• Surfaces should be prepared using the prover undercoat system following recommended procedures • All surfaces should be finish sanded with 600/P800 grit wet or dry sandpaper or equivalent
Apply 2 to 3 medium coats with 50% pattern overlap. Allow each coat to flash dull (5 to 15 minutes) between coats. Walk long objects, and avoid dry spraying. If you intend to do artwork over the basecoat, we suggest you allow the basecoat to flash 15 minutes then apply 2 medium coats of S2-SG100 Intercoat (see tech sheet on S2-SG100) to protect against tape tracking and overspray under the masking tape, etc.
Drying Time 
Allow to flash from 30 minutes up to 4 hours maximum prior to applying House of Kolor’s klear. Do not Intermix other manufacturers’ prod- ucts with House of Kolor to avoid potential problems.
Clean Up 
Clean equipment thoroughly with lacquer thinner or urethane reducer (check local regulations).
Mixing Ratio 2 Parts Paint to 1 Part RU Series Reducer

USE Reducer: RU300 Series 

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