Formula 1 Fast Wax Carnauba Wax 16oz

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LONG-LASTING SHINE & PROTECTION - Made with our proprietary Carnauba Wax technology, this car wax has a formula that allows you to make your car look better than new in record time. Its exclusive formula provides water-beading protection that lasts for up to 12 months. Formula 1 only uses the highest grade of carnauba in its purest form to create exceptional products that combine performance and efficiency.


CLEAR COAT SAFE - The superior formula of this fast-acting wax contains advanced micropolishers that work intensively to give your auto a deep, glossy shine. The specially engineered micropolishers are designed to be high-performing, yet non-abrasive - guaranteeing that they will not tarnish your car's paint. This fast wax is safe for all paint finishes, including clear coat.

HIGH-GLOSS FINISH - This Formula 1 car wax helps bring out your car's true colors! Specially designed for use on automotive paint, this premium car wax provides a deep, wet-looking shine for a high-gloss finish. Boost your car's appearance with a fresh coat of Formula 1 wax and achieve that enviable showroom shine!

LEAVES NO WHITE POWDERY RESIDUE - The specially concocted formula of this fast-acting wax is made with the purest Prime Yellow, Grade #1 Carnauba Wax. Unlike cheap car waxes, this product has a formula that is guaranteed to leave no powdery white residue on your auto's surface, giving it the smooth and shiny finish of a showroom car.

EASY TO USE - This is the fastest and easiest way to achieve lasting shine and protection! Tailor-made to save you time and money, this premium wax gives your car that brand-new look without a new paint job. This easy-to-use liquid wax is contained in an ergonomically designed spray bottle that allows you to apply the product on your auto conveniently. To use it, simply spray the wax on small sections of your car and use a microfiber cloth to polish the product onto your car's surface lightly.

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