Diamond Edge Wheel Wax 8oz 236ml Surf City Garage



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 What’s the first thing people notice about a cool looking ride? – It’s wheels. The problem is, they’ve never looked better than the day you bought them, and let’s face it, keeping your wheels looking sharp is no easy task. You could work all day to bring that “just out of the box” gleam back again, but if you’re like us, we prefer to get right behind the only wheel that matters. That’s why Diamond Edge® Wheel Wax is your single-bottle solution to clean, seal & protect. So why should you use Diamond Edge instead of regular car wax? It’s all about the temperature. Your wheels get extremely hot under normal driving temperatures and regular wax just won’t stand up against that kind of heat. Diamond Edge’s advanced, resin-based formula not only goes on super quick & easy, but will stand up to the heat of the road and give you long-lasting protection for months.


Experience Diamond Edge Wheel Wax – Where the shine meets the road™!

(1) Shake VIGOROUSLY for 1 minute (and often during use).

(2) Place a small amount on a clean, soft cloth and apply to surface with constant pressure using a circular motion.

(3) When product starts to haze, stop and let dry.

(4) Buff to a dazzling shine.




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