Debeers Primer Epoxy 1-7510 GREY 5 Litre

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  • The Epoxy Primer offers excellent anticorrosion properties and excellent adhesion to all substrates, being the ideal basis for all vehicles that require a particularly high-grade original finish.

  • Must Use 2.5 Litres of Debeers Epoxy Hardener with this product

    • Good resistance to chemicals.
    • Easy to spray.
    • Can be sanded both wet and dry.
    • Wet-in-wet application is possible.
    • Provides basis for great finish quality and smooth surfaces.
    • Ideal for restoration work.
    Area of application Passenger cars and commercial vehicles.
    Chemical base Epoxy resins and a hardener based on polyamino-amide.
    General qualities Epoxy Primer1-75 is a high filling primer with good resistance to chemicals. Easy to spray. Can be sanded both wet and dry. Wet-on-wet application is possible.
    Auxiliary materials 1-70 Epoxy Primer Hardener.
    1-141/1-151/1-161 Uni Thinner.
    Mixing ratio (Vol.) 2:1 (Primer:Hardener 1-70), add 15-20% thinner.
    Economy Approx. 9m2/L/50um.
    Gloss Matt.
    Substrates Cured and sanded old coatings or undercoats in the mentioned systems on metal (steel, zinc, aluminium) and sanded polyester.
    Do not apply on aluminium sandwich panels.
    Do not apply on anodised aluminium and not on damaged aluminium.
    Finishing material All De Beer finishes.
    Colours 1-7510 White.
    1-7520 Grey.

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