Debeers GREY High Production Non Sanding Primer 8-746 1 Litre

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DeBeer Refinish 8-746 High Production Non-Sanding Primer is a high-performance, direct to e-Coat, wet-on-wet primer system designed to deliver the ultimate finish from a non-sanding process.

INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY DeBeer Refinish 8-746 High Production Non-Sanding Primer has been designed specifically for high production bodyshop environments to increase productivity by reducing process cycle times.

WET-ON-WET TECHNOLOGY 8-746 High Production Non-Sanding Primer is formulated as a dedicated wet-on-wet finishing system. The primer lays down with an even, smooth, semi-gloss finish. The flow and levelling properties are key in creating the ultimate topcoat finish. The quality finish achieved is comparable to a multi-stage sanding system with reduced steps and time.

NON-SANDING DIRECT TO E-COAT TECHNOLOGY 8-746 High Production Non-Sanding Primer benefits the applicator by removing the need to sand e-Coated panels either for panel preparation or between coats. Removing the sanding and subsequent cleaning step is yet another key advantage for your bodyshop.

APPLICATION FLEXIBILITY 8-746 High Production Non-Sanding Primer utilises existing DeBeer Refinish hardeners and Uni Thinners. Utilising existing hardeners and thinners provides greater flexibility in your bodyshop and reduces inventory. 8-746 High Production Non-Sanding Primer offers significant flexibility with extended topcoat recoat time allowing new panels to be pre-primed up to two days in advance and topcoated without sanding. This pre-priming process enhances booth utilisation and minimises product wastage

BENEFITS FOR YOUR ENTIRE OPERATION The benefit of increased productivity flow on to create a bodyshop with greater resource utilisation resulting in increased job throughput- this allows the bodyshop to achieve more results with the same resources. Bodyshop time saving benefits include: • Enhanced spray booth utilisation- reducing bottle necks in the application process • Reduced material wastage- less product change overs • Increased productivity through pre-priming in advance • No sanding of e-Coat panels required- reducing steps in the priming process • Reduction in consumable usage as no sanding is required for either preparation or prior to topcoat application • Ultimate finish- a quality repair every time ensuring happy customers and return business



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