Debeers Gloss Clear Air Dry 1-404 2 Litre PART A 4:1

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  • Air Dry Clear Coat

  • Use with air dry hardener Order Code 554311-500

  • DeBeer Refinish 1-404 Air Dry Clear Coat is a high quality, fast finishing, gloss polyurethane clear coat. Air Dry Clear Coat is designed to increase body shop productivity by reducing turn-around times.

    Air Dry Clear Coat is fast finishing, providing a dust-free finish in only 10 minutes. This provides significant benefits to the body shop by reducing time and energy consumption (used for bake cycles). Air dry may be nib and polished in 30 minutes and has very good polishing properties.

    DeBeer Refinish 1-404 Air Dry Clear Coat has been formulated for use with DeBeer Refinish WaterBase 900+ Series and BeroBase 500 Series allowing additional flexibility for body shops. Air Dry Clear Coat is cured with Standard (47-440) or Slow (47-460) hardeners providing flexibility in the application process regardless of the ambient conditions.

    Rapid drying- dust free in 10 minutes No bake cycle necessary- saving time and energy
    Superior gloss and flow Fast finishing with a high quality finish. May be polished, if required, after only 30 minutes
    Excellent application properties Fast, easy to use, apply two coats wet-on-wet with no flash-off time between coats
    Designed for use with WaterBase 900+ Series and BeroBase 500 Series Flexible clear coat suitable for use with multiple systems
    Multiple hardener and thinner combinations Application flexibility for all climates and locations
    Long working time, Flexible application properties, minimising product waste

De Beer Refinish offers a colour database of over 50,000 car colours based on multiple variation samples.

You will be astonished at how simple it is to quickly gain access to all available colour information via ICRIS, the Intelligent Colour Retrieval Information Service software.

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