Debeers 2K Elastic 50ML

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  • This product is specially developed for the adaptation of the degree of gloss of 2-pack finishes

    Area of application This product is specially developed for the adaption of the degree of gloss of 2-pack finishes. The amount of matting agent to be added can be found in the paragraph "General qualities". After that, the mixture has to be mixed further with hardener, as described in the documentation of 2000 Series.
    Chemical base High-quality hydroxy acrylic resin with silicates.
    General qualities Matting Agent, Finish: Depends on added quantity and colour. Add paste=degree of gloss (60/60), 20%=50-70% (eggshell gloss), 30%=40-50% (sating gloss), 40%=0-10% (matt).
    Hint: If you want to use a matted clearcoat, you can use MS Clear Coat Matt.
    Auxiliary materials 2000 Series.

De Beer Refinish offers a colour database of over 50,000 car colours based on multiple variation samples.

You will be astonished at how simple it is to quickly gain access to all available colour information via ICRIS, the Intelligent Colour Retrieval Information Service software.

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