Debeer 8-451 HS Matt Thinner 1 Litre

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  •  DeBeer Matt Clear Coat System is a high solids, VOC compliant, intermix system designed to provide a silky smooth matt finish for high productive automotive refinish and custom car work.  The system consists of two clear coats, along with a dedicated hardener and thinner. The compact, dedicated system, is easy to use and ensures consistent results. 

    The Matt Clear Coat System allows you to achieve a full range of sheen levels; from the mattest of matt finishes (0-10GU*) through to high satin (60GU). The system is designed to give the flexibility to cover the gloss range currently offered by the automotive industry. 

    The Matt Clear Coat System is designed for both high productive automotive refinish along with custom car and motorcycle full resprays or componentry. 

  • GENERAL INFORMATION 8-409 HS Semi Gloss Clear Coat is a premium system that consists of 8-407 HS Low Gloss Clear Coat and 8-409 HS Semi Gloss Clear Coat, with a dedicated hardener and thinner. This versatile clear coat system was specially developed to reproduce a wide range of gloss levels through mixing of the 8-407 HS Low Gloss Clear Coat and 8-409 HS Semi Gloss Clear Coat. This is a high quality polyurethane clear coat system, with high durability, for application over MM 500 - 5999 BeroBase 500 Series and MM 900 - 9999 WaterBase 900+ Series. Suitable for panel or full body repairs with very good drying and application properties.
  • MIXING RATIO 3 : 1 + 25% Once you have created your gloss level mixture, mix: 8-407 and 8-409 HS Gloss Level Mixture: 3 parts 8-455 HS Matt Hardener: 1 part 8-451 HS Matt Thinner + 25 %
    (WT % OR VOL %)
    8-409 SEMI GLOSS
    (WT % OR VOL %)
    M1 70 30 0 - 10
    M2 50 50 10 - 20
    M3 30 70 20 - 30
    M4 20 80 30 - 45
    M5 0 100 45 - 60
  • To verify the gloss level and color match, it is recommended that a test panel is sprayed before the vehicle is repaired. Refer to the HS Matt level swatches for additional information.

(1) Recommended application temperature is 15-30°C (59-86°F)

(2) The mist layer & flash-off period between coats and prior to baking is critical for the gloss level and even appearance.

(3) Cross layer application is important. The flash-off times may vary depending on application conditions. Film thickness and application technique are also important. Thin films and dry application will give lower gloss, while thick films and heavy application will give higher gloss.



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