Cromax Chromaclear 2K Gloss Clear 2 Litre PART A

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Cromax Chromaclear 2K Gloss Clear 1 Litres (3:1) 

Use AK260 ACTIVATOR - 2 Litres Required 

Use   AB380 Thinner/Reducer

Clearcoats are the final coat on a vehicle. They improve the basecoat’s resistance to weather influences and scratching as well as provide a specific finish, such as a high-gloss look or matt effect.


A two-component, urethane clearcoat designed for spot, panel and overall repairs. It provides easy application and good build in two coats, and is well suited for cross-flow and downdraft booth conditions.


  • Spot, panel, overall repairs
  • Cross-flow, downdraft booths
  • Good build


Type Clearcoat
Technology Urethane
Substrates ChromaPremier® Basecoat
ChromaBase® Basecoat
222S™ Mid-Coat Adhesion Promoter for blend areas
Properly prepared OEM topcoat
VOC Please refer to VOC Compliance Charts for compliance




Components Parts by Volume
7900S™ 3
7975S™ / 7985S™ / 7995S™ 1
  • Accelerator: ½ oz 3889S™ or V-389S™ per RTS quart
  • Fish Eye Eliminator: ¼ - ½ oz 459S™, V-459S™ or 659S™ per RTS quart
  • Appearance enhancer: up to 1 oz 19379S™ per RTS quart
  • Flex additive: 2 oz 2350S™ per RTS quart
Viscosity 15-17 seconds in a Zahn #2 cup
Pot Life 2 hours at 70°F



Apply 2 medium-wet coats. Flash 10 minutes between coats.

Gun Setup & Air Pressure

Refer to technical data sheet

Dry Time

Air Dry Force Dry
Dust free: 15-20 minutes Cycle time: 30 minutes at 140°F
To handle: overnight To handle: after cool down
Coverage (Ft2) 598
Dry Film Thickness (mil) 1.8-2.2


Refer to the product Technical Data Sheet for complete directions for use. Refer to the product Material Safety Data Sheet for safety information. This product may be restricted in it's use and mixing ratio in VOC regulated areas. Refer to your area VOC Compliance Chart.


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