3N/D5M Emotion Blue / Glacier Blue Metallic Suitable for VOLKSWAGON ACRYLIC Touch Up Paint 300 Grams 1IS BOX7A

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STEP 1 Primer Use Order code CR01010AU Grey Primer if Using over a plastic Bumper or Plastic Parts use Order Code CRPAP300 Plastic Adhesion Promoter First .

Step 2 3N/D5M Emotion Blue / Glacier Blue Metallic

Step 3 Use 1K Clearcoat Order Code CR03206

We Can also Make this Colour in 50ml Touch Up Bottles , 250ml Tins , 500ml ,1 Litre ,2 Litre , 4 Litre or 20 Litre Sizes in a Top Quality Automotive Grade Finish Call our Business for Pricing Details .

A Huge range of Volkswagon Touch up paints are available that are of premium Quality

For exterior use on metal surfaces
Fast dry Gloss finish acrylic
Convenient large 300g can
Volkswagon Caddy
Code 3N OR D5M
Years 2009 ON
Colour Swatch available to look at in store.

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