Charger Zionic SuperShift Colourchange Pearl Basecoat Spray Paint 300 Grams 1IS 46A

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Charger Arson Supershift Colourchange Pearl Basecoat Spray Paint 300 Grams


For something Different Try our New SUPERSHIFT Colourchange Aerosol Paints

For the Colour to come out like belowuse over this black base ,We suggest to spray this over our K73 Basecoat Black for best results order code for this is K73888-AERO 

You can use Either Acrylic Clear or for best results a 2K Clear after the colour.

Order code 1K Acrylic Clearcoat is CR03206


Order Code for 2K Gloss Clearcoat 2KMAUVCLR-A



After you have clear coated the final clear give it a polish and step back and look at your results .

Our Supershift Colourchange Pearls are truly easy to spray to create your own custom paint job or project, whether it be Car , Boats , Bikes, Motorcycles,Jet Skis , Surfboards, Musical Instruments , let your imagination run wild.

Try our Charger Supershift Colourchange Paint Pearls for a truly expensive looking Custom Paint Job 


Available in Other sizes by special order such as 125ml upto 4 Litre Sizes

CALL US TO DISCUSS These options and pricing 



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