Charger Metal Flakes Silver 0.004 Micro Jar

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CHARGER Metal Flakes

SILVER 0.004 MICRO Metallic Flake JAR

Our Durable “metal flakes” are a great way to add sparkle to any paint job. Our Hexagon flakes are easy to spray, and solvent resistant enough to use in two part epoxy paints. They are heat resistant to 400 Degrees F.

Each JAR contains about ABOUT 70 grams of metal flakes, or Enough to do a whole car  , They can be used in many different mediums. 

All of our flakes are perfectly solvent resistant so that they can be mixed into the toughest paints without fading or bleeding like the hobby store glitters do.

Flakes are best over a Black Base but other colours can be used as well it is purely your imagination what you can do with these metal flakes.

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