Charger Holographic Prismatic Reflections 2 Gram Tube (Powder)

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CHARGER Holographic Prismatic Reflections 2 Gram Tube (Powder)

It will add amazing effects to your project.

Holographic Pearl Pigment can add serious color rainbow effects to any paint job. It creates a prismatic effect.


This Holographic Pearl Pigment (light grey) creates a prism effects paint and works with any  Base Clear or binder for a fantastic paint job! It is the newest and most expensive pigment that we carry, but for good reason. It is simply AMAZING. Looks great over any colors, including black and white. Add a new dimension to your Chameleon Paint if you like!

Holographic Pearl Pigment (light grey) has a truly incredible effect under the light of the sun.  It is truly our newest product on the market, and is incredibly brilliant. Easy to spray through all standard Paint Gun Tips (1.4, 1.5).

This Holographic Pearl is one of the newest pigments that we carry and can add custom color to your existing color.


Using our Holographic pearl pigments (light grey) in your paint can achieve brilliant graphics and iridescent rainbow color-changing effects.  Do this on both light and dark base coats! Just one FULL TUB (25G APPROX) Of Holographic pearls can treat more than 4 LITRES of clear coat. Also used in any clear paint, gelcoat, and powder coat. Use in your faux finish glaze inside your home, or in concrete and tile sealer, epoxy or resin for the perfect floor or concrete counter top!

      OVER BLACK                                                 OVER WHITE 



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