Charger Chamelion Gold to Green to Blue Clearcoat Metal Flake CLear Acrylic Spray Paint 300 Grams CMFC1

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Chamelion Gold to Green to Blue Clearcoat Metal Flake CLear


For something Different Try our New Metal Flake Clearcoats , plenty of different colours are available , come into our store and see the different examples on show .

You can spray these over a Basecoat Colour of your choice , your imagination is endless what you can do with these .

NOTES Spray the Metal Flake Clears and then lightly sand , clean with wax and grease remover and then overcoat with a couple of coats of clear without the flakes to give you a super smooth surface.

After you have clear coated the final clear give it a polish and step back and look at your results .

You can spray this on Cars , Boats , Bikes, Motorcycles,Jet Skis , Surfboards, Musical Instruments , let your imagination run wild.

STEP 1 Prime Surface With the suitable primer

(If Plastic surface use Plastic Adhesion Promoter Order Code is CRPAP-A )

STEP 2 Black Base Order Code is  K73888-A Or white Base W351888-A

STEP 3 Chamelion Clearcoat Order Code is GOGRLCLEAR-AERO

STEP 4 Finish with 2 Coats of Clearcoat Order Code is CR03206



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