Car-Rep CLEARCOAT Effect 400ml Spray Paint (Made for the Effect Range)

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Car-Rep Clear Coat Effect spray: Specially formulated clear coat for Car-Rep Gold, Chrome and Copper effect paints. Improves the scratch, weather and wear resistance of the effect paints. Formulates a thin, clear layer which makes the effect color outdoor proof.

Attention: The previous paint layer must be dry be before the application. The lacquer looks first milky white but becomes transparent while drying.

Instructions: shake the bottle for about 3 minutes and also occasionally during painting. When painting, keep the bottle in its upright position, at the distance of about 25 cm from the surface. Use lacquer after 12h from painting.To clean the nozzle, turn the bottle upside down and spray until only gas comes out from the bottle. We recommended to wear protective clothing and goggles when painting.

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