Brayt T2 Finishing Compound 1kg

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    • Eliminates holograms, polishing marks and operational defects.
    • Can be applied with all types of applicators.
    • Suitable for all types of coating.
    • Water - based product.
    • Can be use on very difficult surfaces.
    • Easy to use.
  • Can be applied by hand or by machine.


  • Apply T2 in small quantity on the surfaces to be treated.
  • Polish small areas at a time.
  • To remove all scratches and defects polish with medium pressure.
  • To provide the best quality of polished surface slowly increase pressure and rotary.
  • After polishing remove any residue with microfiber cloth.
  • For difficult surface, product can be treated as supplement after use of BRAYT T1 polishing compound.

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