BodyworX Heat Induction PAINTLESS DENT REMOVAL Tool




BodyworX Heat Induction PDR Tool

  1. Paintless dent repair, do not damage the original paint
  2. Latest techniques, Magnetic induction system, Dent repair innovation
  3. Simple and easy to operate.
  4. Rapid repair, to the same depression area, 10 times faster than traditional repair methods.
  5. Rapid recovery of investment
  6. The high precision control, 85% imported chip equipment components, quality guarantee, stable and secure
  7. Large screen digital display, accurate control, real-time monitor
  8. Save on labor, compared to the traditional repair way requiring 2 people, now only 1 person can operate the job.
  9. When you’re in need of a collision repair, conventional auto body repair tool is not just your best choice.

PDR adopts magnetic induction heating theory. It is the cleanest and fastest way for fixing hail or boulders dents, door dings and other minor soft dents.

Magnetic induction heating is the highest tech method for removing soft dents, providing versatility and durability, second to no other paintless dent removal tools.

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