Black Edge Detailer 8oz 243ml Surf City Garage

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  Take detailing your black or dark car to the edge – Black Edge. Goes on easier, leaves a smoother sleeker finish and provides greater protection from UV rays and the elements than any other product out there. Only Black Edge™ is specially formulated to make black and dark paint stand out and shine. Never scratches, never streaks, and never builds up – and it’s 100% safe for clear coats.
Its #1 Brazilian Carnauba formula with Advanced Particle Suspension Technology® means you can use it on a dusty car without scratching. Black Edge™ –the fastest way to take your black and dark car's shine and protection to the edge.

What makes Surf City Garage® Enthusiast Grade® Detailing Products Different?

Black Edge™ Detail Spray:

  • Creates a clean, just-waxed look
  • Carnauba polymer-based formula for a sleek, no-streak finish
  • Advanced particle suspension technology lifts dust & dirt keeping your paint scratch-free
  • Surf City Garage's Detailing Tip:

    • Don't have access to water? Black Edge™ Detail Spray is the perfect solution. Just spray on to the painted surface- the advanced particle suspension technology lifts dust & dirt, keeping your paint scratch-free
    • Fold your towel into quarters so as you wipe down the surface, you don't drag dirt onto a new, clean surface of your paint. Just wipe down, switch to a clean side of your towel, and wipe it down again to reveal that just-waxed finish.



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