900 White Base for Orange Pearl Debeers 1 Lt Berobase Colour Paint Mix

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900 White Base for Orange Pearl Debeers 1 Lt Berobase Colour Paint Mix


500 Series BeroBase

The BeroBase 500 Series is a 1K acrylate high-viscosity solvent base paint. With 66 mixing colours including pearl, metallic,  you can be sure you will achieve the perfect colour every time. The system contains 25% less mixing colours than comparable systems, meaning you need less stock and can keep your inventory costs down as a result. The complete and compact mixing system can be used in every conceivable situation. Economically the 500 Series is mixed 1:1 with Uni Thinner (1 litre of paint provides 2 litres of ready-for-use material).

The BeroBase 500 Series range has been developed by our Research & Development laboratory in Lelystad, the Netherlands, where production also takes place. Valspar bv is ISO-9001 en ISO-14001 certified and offers quality products with a high level of efficiency at competitive prices. The De Beer Refinish 500 Series meets market requirements and can serve the entire body shop industry. Valspar’s reliable distribution and outstanding commercial and technical support guarantee quality.

Wizard Colours

De Beer Refinish have developed a unique range of specialty colour changing tinters for use with the 500 Series that feature chromaflair pigments.

Motor & Effect Colours

To create a really intense and vibrant colour effect, De Beer Refinish has specially developed a range of motor colours additives to use in coordination.

Colour Tools

De Beer Refinish offers a colour database of over 50,000 car colours based on multiple variation samples.

You will be astonished at how simple it is to quickly gain access to all available colour information via ICRIS, the Intelligent Colour Retrieval Information Service software.

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