Rhinothane 70% 2K Satin UV CLEARCOAT 250ml 2:1 PART A

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RHINOTHANE 2 Pack 70% SATIN UV Clear 250ml Rhinothane 2 Pack 2:1 PART A

Use with Rhinothane 2 pack Hardener 1 x 125ml litre Order Code RTHA125

2K THINNER Order Code 2PTN500

Description: RHINOTHANE 2 Pack 70% MS Clear is a versatile, user friendly high productivity medium solids 2 pack clear coat for professional automotive refinish.

Offers a tough, durable coating with excellent gloss and film clarity. Ideal for use in basecoat / clearcoat refinishing systems using oven low-bake, or infrared curing.

May be used as an air dry coating when ambient temperature is above 180C.

Uses: Use where high productivity and fast through put is required.

Can be sprayed to achieve a glass like, perfectly levelled finish or to match OEM orange peel. Features: Excellent flow and levelling High productivity Minimal compounding Ideal for matching OEM finishes.

System Components:

 Rhinothane 2 Pack 70% MS Clear

 Rhinothane 2 Pack Hardener 1 X 125ml Hardener RTH125

 2 Pack Thinner

Application: Mix 2 parts by volume of 2 Pack Clear with 1 part of volume 2 Pack Hardener

Add 5 to 10 per cent by volume of 2 Pack Thinner

Application viscosity should be approx. 17 secs. by Ford cup no. 4 at 20C. Apply 2-3 single wet coats allowing a flash-off time of 10-15 minutes between coats. For best results always maintain the recommended thinning ratio.

To match OEM orange peel effect reduce amount of 2 Pack Thinner added.

Test before final application. F

Drying Time: Low Bake: A 10 minute flash-off time is required before force drying for 30-45 minutes at 60C metal temperature. Infra-red: Flash-off for 10 minutes then 10-20 minutes IR exposure. Air dry: Touch dry approx. 2-3 hours, dry to handle approx. 6 hours. Drying time will vary depending on factors such as air temperature, flash off times and film thickness. Full cure will be achieved in approximately 7 days. N.B. Choose Hardeners and Thinners according to temperature and size of object to be painted. Drying time will vary accordingly. For air dry application use 2 Pack Hardener Fast and 2 Pack Thinner Normal.

Sanding/Polishing: Use Superfine Grade paper to remove imperfections such as runs If polishing is required use a specially formulated non-burnishing cream.

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