47W Aqua Blue Metallic Suitable for Subaru Valspar Acrylic Paint Mix 303 1 Litre

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47W Aqua Blue Suitable for Subaru Valspar Acrylic Paint Mix 303 1 Litre

SUBARU Years 2005-2008 


Thinning Ratio is 1 Part Paint to 1.5 Parts Acrylic Thinners 

Example 1 Litre with 1.5 Litres of Acrylic Thinners becomes 2.5 Litres of Sprayable Acrylic Paint .

The real power of the Valspar Refinish range is its compactness. The system comprises 32 Intermix Tinters plus 16 Powder Pearls and Xirallics. From this compact range all automotive colours can be achieved.

303C1 is a single stage acrylic topcoat formulated for ease of application and rapid dry times.

Valspar 303C1 Acrylic binder is intermixed with Valspar Refinish toners creating over 16,000 colours.

  • Wash surface with mild detergent and water
  • Rinse and dry the surface
  • Wipe surface with Surface Cleaner 155 (steel) or Aqua Clean 170 (steel / aluminium) and wipe dry with a clean cloth before the product flashes off.
  • Sand the substrate with P500 or #800 - #1000
  • Final clean with Surface Cleaner 155
  • Pot life indefinite

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