175 LIGHT FRENCH BLUE British Standard 2K Direct Gloss DTM Custom Spray Paint 300 Grams

Variety Paints 'N' More


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    Variety Paints 'N' More has a state-of-the-art tinting system enabling us to accurately tint any BS381 British Standards Colour , we use Valspar Quality Tinters for our Custom Mixing we can compress into an Aerosol can or make into a 250ml  ,500ml ,1 litre , 2 Litre,4 Litre or 20 Litre Can. 

BS381 British Standards Colour “Colour Standards for General Purposes” presents reference colours for use in choosing colour schemes in the industrial, architectural and decorative areas with particular emphasis on paints and related materials.

The British Standards for colours are the standard colours(National Standards Body) in the United Kingdom, which is incorporated under a Royal Charter. The standard colours are used in identification, coding and other special purposes for building and decorative paints.

British Standards colours are used through out many Industries in Great Britian.

British Standards Colours are used  for the marking of physical hazards and the identification of certain equipment in man Industries.

Disclaimer: All colours are representative ONLY there is NO GUARANTEE that the colour swatches below will match the actual colour in reality. This variation in colour is due to computer generation of colour values and your screen settings. Please seek actual samples of your required colour for 100% product satisfaction.

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