148 Persimmon Candy Red Kawasaki Spray Paint 300g (SEE Notes)

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Variety Paints Custom Made Acrylic Spray Paint 300g Aerosol 

This Colour is a 3 Stage Colour 

STEP 1 Primer Reccommended Primer is 

STEP 2 Silver Metallic Base Use Code BASE102DBBC-A

Step 3 148 Persimmon Candy Red Use Order Code 148DBBC-A

Step 4 2K Clearcoat Use Order Code 

 We Can also Make this Colour in 50ml Touch Up Bottles , 250ml Tins , 500ml ,1 Litre ,2 Litre , 4 Litre or 20 Litre Sizes in a Top Quality Automotive Grade Finish Call our Business for Pricing Details .

A Huge range of Kawasaki Touch  up paints are available that are of premium Quality 


  • For exterior use on metal surfaces
  • Fast dry Basecoat
  • Convenient large  300g can
  • Code 148 or KAW148

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