Fy-Tech Infrared Paint Curing Lamp 3 Bar SHORT WAVE

Westcoast Automotive Supplies


1  Made from aluminium alloy and 304 grade bright stainless steel reflectors
2  Equipped with Vpower's 21" quartz short wave infrared halogen lamps (Optional PHILIPS lamps available)
3  Automatic device, equipped with LED electronic timer and power settings
4  Hydraulic lifter with independent switch and 360o rotation
5  With pulse ultrasonic paint curing function
6  Power supply of 200-400V   50/60Hz  3x1100W
7  Curing area of 1200 x1000mm
8  Adjustable temperature range of 40?-100?
9  Adjustable timer of 0min-99mins
10 Automatic overload protection
11  Each emitter can be independently controlled

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