Variety Paints Metal Flakes Holographic Purple Micro 0.004 12cc Tube

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Holographic Metal Flakes

Our Holographic flakes are fine cut hexagons with no sharp corners and lots of sparkle. Great way to get a linear multi-colored sparkle on your project. Lots of colors to choose from. Nice base colors with a multi-color linear reflection.

PPG calls it prismatique, an some others call it prism flake. It has the ability to reflect different colors even though it may be dark in itself.  Holographic Flake is great for making a rainbow on either an entire paint job or on graphics and racing stripes.  With the argest selection of colors,  our holographic flakes are of the highest solvent resistant quality. We actually coined the term ‘holographic flakes’.  Pretty mush every site that sells them has adopted that term.  Do your self a favor and go with the original.  All of our colors of holographic have a heat tolerance of 400º Fahrenheit, so they can be used in powder coat.  Successful powder coating with metal flake requires about a 1/20 ratio for a decent effect.

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