Variety Paints 2K Max Aerosol Can PAINT SUPPLIED by YOU



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We can put your own 2K Paint in a Spray can ,to make it easier for small touch up jobs .
What you do for this service is bring in your 2K Paint .

We will need 100ml of Paint Only per can .

So if you want 1 2K Aerosol Can made bring in 100ml 
if you want 5 Made bring in 500ml of your 2K Paint 

We can do this service as you wait , But if it is bigger runs you may have to leave it with us to do and call you once it is done .

SprayMax is a complete, balanced spray paint can assortment for fast, effective and economical paint repairs of all types.  The application areas are, among other, motor vehicles, commercial vehicles, boats, marine, wood preservation and furniture making. The entire painting process, from cleaning, priming, base and topcoat, clear coating up to touch ups can be completely carried out using the SprayMax. SprayMax profits from its unlimited mobility and sets itself apart from conventional repair paints that are spatially tied to a spraying booth and supply lines. That lets SprayMax create completely new fields of application – far from any spraying booth


Sprays Like No Other Aerosol on the Market! SPRAYMAX delivers professional spray gun quality finish from a 1K and 2K aerosol. Innovative propellant technology and patented nozzle and valve design, provides high output, larger spray patterns and excellent atomization with constant pressure.

1. Excellent atomization and application technology:
confirmed in practice as well as from neutral test laboratories!

  • Broad-jet atomisation or variably adjustable spray head,
  • High, uniform paint output,
  • Constant atomization pressure
  • Evenly distributed application thickness  
  • Low, even overspray

2. use the original OEM and automotive refinish paint systems:

  • Approved by the respective paint manufacturers
  • All paint systems 1K solvent, 1K waterborne 2K solvent, high solid or solid medium available via the FillClean technology

SprayMax, the professional alternative for the small damage range, simple, fast, process-optimized, flexible.

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