Valspar VIM Plastic Primer FP600 Aerosol

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Valspar VIM Plastic primer FP600 1 Litre

FP600 is a 1K Plastic Primer, ready for use product for plastic parts.

For more detailed information go-to TI-Substrate and Pre-treatment on Colour Retrieval System (CRS) or website

PP (test always), ABS, PUR, PA, EPDM (Always test plastics to be 100% sure of Adhesion)

Note: Do not use over Polyethylene (PE) or Polystyrene (PS).
The durability and adhesion of the coating system largely depends on the quality of the
preparation of the plastic surface.

New plastic parts must be baked following scuffing with pad
grey or gold with warm soapy water to remove all release agents
Cleaning: Surface must be dry and free from any contamination, e.g. oil, grease, release agents.

Use AD690 Solvent Degreaser or Anti Static Cleaner.

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