Valspar Aerosol Grey Shade Mid Grey GS907 2 LITRES

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  • Grey Shades 1K Primer Aerosol - Mid Grey

    When a grey shade is used as a primer, you can apply your basecoat directly afterwards. This will save you one step in the refinish process which ultimately increases your productivity. Furthermore because grey shades provide better coverage, you can apply fewer colour coats to get the colour match needed by increasing productivity, reducing labour and material costs.

    Fit for usage on ‘small’ repairs such as sanded through areas. For smaller surface repairs it is not efficient to prepare the minimum amount (100ml) of grey shade HS Surfacer, with wastage created of materials, looking for spray gun or cleaning the gun. The addition of the 1K Primer aerosol to our assortment, you will always have the right amount of primer you need on hand for major and minor repairs.

    The 1K Primer in an aerosol is available in three shades, namely white, light grey and mid grey.

    Article Number Product Name
    GS905 Grey Shade Light Grey
    GS903 Grey Shade White
    GS907 Grey Shade Mid Grey


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