TCut Colorfast Polish Dark Green 500ml



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T-Cut Color Fast is a unique, complex car care product.
Special composition of polymers, pigments and wax quickly restores the original color, removing the discolored (oxidized) layers of paint and baked in dirt.
Removes minor scratches, smoothes the paint, and colored pigments highlighting colour depth.
Leaves the paint durable with a protective layer of wax, giving it a great shine.
Creates a barrier to help prevent further fading from sunlight.
Suitable for traditional lacquers, metallic and pearl for old and new cars.
Available in 8 colours
Waxing paintwork restorer T-Cut Color Fast is not an intrusive car care product, that is why it can be safely, repeatedly used on the car paintwork. It is recommended to use the product twice a year for the entire paint and whenever it is necessary to remove the appearance of scratches, scuffs and dirt.

The paint surface is not perfectly smooth. Micro cracks, pores, scratches, and an oxidized top layer of paint promote rapid attachment of the dirt. This also causes loss of gloss and shine and as time goes paintwork becomes more and more dull.

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