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Designed for striping, lettering, and airbrush artwork. The high pigment concentration means you can complete most strokes with one pass – single application! Low film build for minimal edging. For a unique retro or rat rod look – this is perfect to transform your project into a one-off.

Available in 28 accent colors to highlight your project.

In addition:
• Apply over existing finishes or topcoat with clear for a smooth durable finish
• Striping & Lettering Urethane Enamels can be catalyzed when topcoat clear isn’t required


Remove all traces of wax, silicone, grease, dirt, etc. If finish is oxidized or dull, polish before striping is begun. If overall clear coats are required, color sand with 500 or 600 grit wet sandpaper. See tech sheet for color-sanding instructions. CAUTION: Do final wipe down with KC20 or water only. Wash solvents will remove the artwork. Mistakes over catalyzed urethane are easily removed with a rag dampened with acetone

Mixing ratio

For 5.0 lb/gal (600 g/L) VOC Compliance (US National Rule)

Not Catalyzed • 16 parts Urethane Striping Enamel • 1 part Urethane Striping Reducer Catalyzed • 8 parts Urethane Striping Enamel • 1 part Urethane Striping Catalyst

Optional: Add 0–5% U00 Urethane Striping Reducer


Palette paint in a paper cup or magazine for best results. Use the U00 Striping Reducer as described to maintain proper consistency. Brush back and forth until desired loading is achieved. If topcoating is desired allow artwork to dry a minimum of 1 hour (time will vary depending on temp) before applying clear coat. If stripers are not catalyzed, clear coat must be applied over artwork to provide artwork longevity. Allow dry time between clear coats to prevent stripes from moving.

Tips and Techniques

• When clearing over artwork, adjust the gun and bring the clear on slowly to prevent sliding of artwork.

• Applying the clear too wet may cause the artwork to slide or run. Allow flash time between coats, and use fast reducers. Catalyzing the stripers may also reduce the tendency for the artwork to slide or run.

• Clean your brush with urethane reducer or lacquer thinner (check local regulations). Many artists will simply fluff the brush with low air pressure after cleaning with reducer. • Basecoats can be removed with reducers if not clear coated.

• On extensive art jobs, apply two coats of urethane clear before applying pinstriping artwork. You may color sand the clear with 500 - 600 grit wet, after 12 hours at 70 degrees.

• Wipe with U00, RU310 Reducer, or acetone using hard pressure and a clean spot on the rag. Carefully check the area to be sure


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