House of Kolor Pavo Purple With FX37 Effect Shimrin2 Spray Pack 300 Gram

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Pavo Purple WITH FX37 Effect SHIMRIN2® SPRAY PACK 300 Gram


Use House of Kolor® 2K Primer as a Base 

Use House of Kolor Show Klear for a Spectacular Gloss Finish 

or a House of Kolor Matt Clear i you wish to achieve a MATT Finish  


These easy-to-spray colors provide excellent coverage for the perfect
basecoat in any House of Kolor paint system! They’re also a great option
for artwork and airbrush paint jobs.

   • Excellent coverage and color strength — boosting productivity
   • Limitless color palette
   • Ability to match the “Classic” Shimrin formulas
   • Coast-to-coast compliant
   • Universal basecoat for any of the House of Kolor paint systems
   • Easy-to-spray colors that lay down smooth
   • Great for any type of painter!

S2-10 76.35
S2-FX37 25.76


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