Debeers Washprimer 1-15 1 Litre

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  • 1-15 Washprimer

    Wash primer is a 2 component etching product that is used as a primer over steel, aluminum, galvanized steel and other light metals. Specially formulated for use in the automotive refinish market.

    • Excellent adhesion through etching process
    • Adheres to steel, electrolytically and thermally zinc-coated steel and aluminum.
    • Active corrosion-inhibiting pigments
    • Chromate-free
    • Best results will be obtained if fresh material is mixed in glass or plastic pots
    • Fast Drying

    Note: Do not apply on thermoplastic (TPA) coatings. Do not recoat with:

    • Any polyester based product
    • Epoxy primers
    • Topcoat

    After the 1-15 Washprimer has been applied, a 2K Filler wet on wet or sanding should be applied.

    Area of application Passenger cars.
    Chemical base Polyvinylbutyral, special resins, chromate free antirust pigments and mild solvents.
    General qualities Washprimer with etching and passivating properties.Auxiliary materials
    Mixing ratio (Vol.) 1:1 with Washprimer Hardener 1-10.
    Economy Approx. 10m2/L/20um.
    Gloss Matt.
    Substrates Cured old coatings (that are not sensitive for solvents), galvanized steel and most types of aluminium.
    Finishing materials All 2K Surfacers. Do not apply epoxy 500 or 900 Series directly over 1-15.
    Colour Beige.

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