Debeers Hardener Wash Primer 1-10 1 Litre 1:1

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 Hardener for Debeer Wash Primer 

Wash primer is a 2 component etching product that is used as a primer over steel, aluminum, galvanized steel and other light metals. Specially formulated for use in the automotive refinish market.

  • Excellent adhesion through etching process
  • Adheres to steel, electrolytically and thermally zinc-coated steel and aluminum.
  • Active corrosion-inhibiting pigments
  • Chromate-free
  • Best results will be obtained if fresh material is mixed in glass or plastic pots
  • Fast Drying

Note: Do not apply on thermoplastic (TPA) coatings. Do not recoat with:

  • Any polyester based product
  • Epoxy primers
  • Topcoat

After the 1-15 Washprimer has been applied, a 2K Filler wet on wet or sanding should be applied.

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