Speed Demon Wax Detailer 8oz 243ml Surf City Garage

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We’re going to be upfront with you - if you use this product, people are going to ask you if you got a new paint job. Then you’re going to blow their minds when you whip out a bottle of Speed Demon® Wax Detailer, the only detail spray with pure #1 Brazilian carnauba wax that only leaves behind the deepest, richest gloss your paint has ever seen. 

Speed Demon’s Advanced Particle Suspension Technology® works to actually suspend dust particles, so it doesn’t scratch your paint. It also fends off contaminants and UV Rays longer and without the buildup and streaks that other brands leave in their wake. Have you ever seen Joe over at Auto Paint Depot shake in his coveralls? We have.


(1) Unleash the shine with Speed Demon® Wax Detailer.

(2) Pure #1 Brazilian carnauba wax creates a showroom shine in minuteGreat on glass, chrome and even plastic moldings
(3) No buildup, no streaks


Speed Demon Wax Detailer contains high concentrations of pure #1 carnauba for a long-lasting, streak-free, show car shine. It’s Advanced Particle Suspension Technology® allows Speed Demon to be safely used on high levels of dust, completely eliminating the need to wash it prior to using the wax detailer. Unlike most other brands, Speed Demon doesn’t contain low-grade synthetic wax that is prone to streak and wear off quickly. 

Other brands may be safe for paint, but can cause a chalky buildup on other surfaces. Speed Demon is safe and effective on all exterior surfaces. To keep that brilliant, Surf City Shine; use Barrier Reef® Carnauba Wax on your car’s exterior and maintain your car’s shine with Speed Demon® Wax Detailer between waxes.


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