House of Kolor SHIMRIN2 Intercoat Clear 945ml

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C2C-SG100 (Previously named S2-SG100) Intercoat is an important tool for the kustom painter. It is designed to be applied over a given base color, prior to taped or airbrush artwork. This allows for easy removal of mis-tapes or airbrush errors without damage to base color.

The intercoat is also applied over artwork to preserve blending and fogging of various colors before applying Kandy or clear topcoats. C2C-SG100 is a safety layer, allowing you to pause and continue your project later. C2C-SG100 is not a buildup clear or a topcoat clear. Limit applied coats to 4, however, if used as a carrier for basecoat Kandies. When used as a carrier for pearls or flakes when reduction from standard 2:1 goes to 1:1, more coats are acceptable. C2C-SG100 is also used to reduce strength of basecoats for blending colors or for checking touchups before topcoat clears are applied. Considered a must over Marblizer® before Kandy or clear to guarantee adhesion.

Reducer: RU Reducers Temp Chart

Mixing Ratio: 2:1


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