SE311 Blue Green Pearl Special Effect 1 Litre Tinter Acrylic Motospray



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Motospray Acrylic Lacquer is a premium quality thermoplastic acrylic lacquer. Motospray Acrylic Lacquers are based on top quality pigments and raw material components, including special UV absorbing additives.

This results in an extremely durable finish. Motospray Acrylic Lacquers are available as factory made colours (Acrylic Solid Colours and COB Base Colours) or can be mixed from the Motospray Acrylic Lacquer Tinting System.

All colours and tinters are strictly controlled for colour and strength and Tinters are standardised for use on the Motospray Acrylic Lacquer Tinting System.

 Uses Motospray Acrylic Lacquer is designed for the spot repair and full re-spray of all motor vehicles. With an extensive range of tinters it is possible to mix most manufacturers colours including solid colours, mono metallics and clear over base (COB) metallics, Pearlcoats and Micas. 

Properties * Excellent gloss off the gun * Excellent durability * Excellent adhesion * Excellent opacity * Excellent petrol resistance * Can be polished to a high gloss finish

Suitable substrates: Motospray Acrylic Lacquer may be applied over the following surfaces after appropriate preparation: • Motospray One Step Primer Putty • Motospray Acrylic Primer Surfacer • Motospray Flexi Prime Plastic Primer • Motospray Stonegard • Motospray 2 Pack Iso-Free High Build Primer Filler Isolator • Original 2 Pack or acrylic lacquer finishes in sound condition • Repaired areas in sound condition (ie. 2 Pack or acrylic lacquer). Do not apply Acrylic Lacquer over substrates which are oxidised, cracked, contaminated or in unsound


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