Camtect AU660 Gloss Black 4 Litre 2K Part A



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Camtect AU660 Gloss Black 4 Litre 2K Part A

Use with 3455SS Camtect Hardener 

Is a Premium Quality Two Component Non-Yellowing Acrylic Modified Polyurethane. It is formulated for the harsh Western Australian Climate. It will provide a High Gloss Finish and has excellent Gloss Retention, Chemical Resistance and outstanding Durability. It has an Acrylic Modification which means that it is Easily Recoated and even after Years of Exterior Exposure. You can use it in the Marine Industry, Chemical Industry, and Road Rail Tankers and General Construction.

Colour: White, Black and Clear. Can be tinted to custom colours and AS2700. High Gloss Finish.

Camtect AU660 is a premium quality two component non-yellowing acrylic modified polyurethane. Especially formulated for the harsh West Australian climate, Camtect AU660 will provide a high gloss finish with excellent gloss retention, chemical resistance and outstanding durability. Due to its acrylic modification, Camtect AU660 is easily recoated, even after years of exterior exposure.

Mix 4 parts by volume of Camtect AU660 base with 1 part by volume of Camtect AU660 hardener.

Allow to stand for 10 minutes prior to application. Camtect AU660 Winter part B hardener is available for use during colder, winter months to aid with faster set up. If applying by conventional spray then thinning 5-10% with Cameleon Thinner AU160 may be added as necessary. Cameleon Thinner AU159 and Cameleon Thinner AU161 have been developed for use as “fast” thinner during winter and “slow” thinner during summer, respectively.

Camtect AU660 is best applied by conventional or airless spray. Ensure that the air-lines are free from any moisture otherwise film defects may occur. If applying by roller, use a 2 pack or foam roller and thin 15-20% with AU161 Thinner. Provide adequate natural ventilation during use. Wash equipment immediately after use with Cameleon Thinner AU160.

Camtect AU660 Accelerator is available to speed up reaction time during cold, winter months. DO NOT apply if temperature is below 10°C or if relative humidity is >85%.



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