Camprime PS200 Primer Grey 4 Litre



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Camprime PS200 is a premium anti-corrosive primer surfacer for use in industrial applications.


Formulated with a special blend of anti-corrosive pigments and fillers, Camprime PS200 is very fast drying, and exhibits excellent filling, sanding and surfacing properties. Camprime PS200 may be top-coated with both traditional alkyd finishes, as well as premium two-pack acrylic urethanes.


May also be applied to timber and composite timber for use as a sanding surfacer.


Camprime PS200 is an ideal shop or field primer for the protection of a variety of substrates. It is excellent where fast drying, early recoat and sanding properties are desired, especially in the following applications:



  • Structural steel
  • Heavy machinery and equipment
  • Mining equipment
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Metal implements
  • Auto bodies, trailers
  • Composite timbers


Ensure all surfaces are clean, dry, and free from contamination. Surface contamination such as alkali, rust or oxide deposits should be removed prior to painting. Camprime PS200 is best applied by conventional or airless spray. Thinning is not normally required, but an addition of 5 – 10% E243 Thinner may be added if required. Typical conventional spray set up should have air pressures of Pot: 60 - 100 kPa (10 - 15 psi); Gun: 380 - 420 kPa (55 - 60 psi). Airless spray set up should have a 28:1 pump ratio and an air supply of 520 - 650 kPa (80 - 100 psi). Small areas may be applied by brush.

Abrasive blasted areas must be primed within 4 hours. Aluminium substrates should be scoured with soap and a 3M Scotchbrite® pad until water sheets off without breaks.

Product may be wet or dry sanded. To decrease sanding and recoat time use Cameleon EA248 Enamel Additive at 250ml per 4 litres of Camprime PS200. Optimal finish coat gloss will be achieved if the Camprime PS200 is sanded with 220 - 240 grit Wet & Dry prior to top-coating. As with wet sanding all sanding surfacers, ensure that the Camprime PS200 is allowed to totally dry before applying further coats. Failure to do so can lead to water entrapment, which may lead to blistering of the final coat.

Stir well before use. Provide adequate natural ventilation during use. Wash equipment immediately after use with E243 Thinner or Gun Wash.

DO NOT apply if temperature is below 10°C or if relative humidity is >85%

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