Cam Anti Chip Coating / Stonechip Tall White 1 Litre

Automotive Colour & Equipment


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  • Protects against stonechips
  • Solvent based, fast drying
  • Thre colours available
  • Ideal for stonechip protection on caravan & Trailers
  • Can be over painted

Cam Anti Chip Coat was developed for spoilers and the undercoating of car bodies. In contrast to the usual Bitumen/ caoutchouc material, Anti Chip Coat is a fast drying , has extremely high abrasion resistance and can be painted afterwards.

Cam Anti Chip Coat can be sprayed with a portable spray pistols connected to an air compressor operating at 3-8 bar. Because of its thixotropic nature it can be applied quickly with the need for special enclosers.

Cam Anti Chip Coat can be removed with mineral spirits.

Special Remarks:
As with all materials based on synthetic resins, Cam Anti Chip Coat needs serveral days to reach maximum hardness. However, after 30 nibutes the film can be painted over with all usual types of automobile paint systems.

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