Brayt T1 Polishing Compound 500 Gram

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    • T1 it is a highly effective polishing compound for automotive lacquers. Quickly eliminates grit 1500 sanding marks and sign of tear and wear. Guarantees an brilliant effect. Contains high quality polishing minerals which guarantees quick elimination of sanding marks and high gloss in one-step process. Because of optimized bonding does not warm-up surface during polishing. T1 polishing compound is a universal agent suitable for all types of coating in automotive, furniture industry and composites. Is very easy to clean.



      • Apply compound on the surface to be treated (use hard sponge or lambswool).
      • Spread compound on the surface by machine with minimum RPM.
      • Slowly increase the speed to max. 1800 – 2000 RPM and polish surface with medium pressure or without any pressure (depending on polished surface).
      • Polish surfaces until the scratches have been removed.
      • Change applicator to a soft sponge and polish to reach perfect gloss.

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