All Zinc Cold Galvinising Paint 4 Litre Matt Grey Colour



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All Zinc is an economical alkyd zinc cold galvanising primer designed for use on suitably prepared steel substrates. Formulated with a combination of resin systems that afford excellent adhesion to metal substrates, All Zinc is ideal for use as a cold galvanising coating, drying to a hard abrasion resistant finish.
The Zinc content provides galvanic protection to the metal by allowing maximum contact to the steel surface.

All Zinc has fast through dry characteristics that enable early recoat. The product has been formulated for various application types and has excellent can and storage stability.

All Zinc is ideal for general purpose cold galvanising work to provide cathodic protection to steel work.
It is recommended for use in the following areas:  Trailers, and automotive  Heavy machinery  General construction  Domestic use  Lintels and frames S

Colour: Metallic Grey Finish: Matt Density: ~1.53 g/cc Packaging: 1 and 4 litre

Application: Spray and brush Thinner: Thinner E243

Cleanup: Thinner E243 or mineral turps Storage: Store under cool dry conditions away from heat and sources of ignition.

Volume Solids: ~36% Dry Film Thickness: 30 - 60µ DFT Wet Film Thickness: 80 - 170µ WFT Coverage: ~ 8 m2 / litre @ 50µ DFT

Number of Coats: 1 - 2 coats Touch Dry: 10 - 15 minutes @ 25°C Dry to Recoat: 6 - 8 hours Hard Dry: 4 - 5 hours Full Cure: 7 days

Temperature Resistance: Abrasion Resistance: Weatherability: Very Good, will chalk on exterior exposure.
Solvent Resistance: Chemical Resistance: Water Resistance: Up to 110°C dry heat Excellent Very Good; Excellent when topcoated. Moderate Moderate Good

Ensure surface to be painted is clean, dry and free from dust, grease, oil or other surface contaminants. Degrease the surface as per SSPC-SP-1. Surface contamination such as alkali, acid, oxide deposits, mill scale or rust should be removed completely by abrasive blasting, acid descaling or mechanical abrasion. All Zinc may be applied by various methods including; conventional spray, airless spray, pressure pot spray, or brush. For spray application, and if required, thin up to 15% with Cameleon Thinner E243, or in warm conditions with Mineral Turps. Apply even passes to achieve the required film build. Apply second coat if required after 3 - 4 hours. For application by brush, thin up to 10% with Mineral Turps.
Provide adequate natural ventilation during use. Wash equipment immediately after use with Cameleon E243 or Mineral Turps.

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