Hichem All Surfaces Primer 1LT WHITE



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Description A single pack air dry primer featuring excellent adhesion to a variety of interior and exterior surfaces. Uses Exceptional adhesion allows for priming of difficult surfaces such as laminate, tiles, glass, fibreglass, As a high adhesion anti corrosive primer direct on mild steel surfaces. Provides excellent adhesion and corrosion protection for metal surfaces such as steel, aluminium, stainless steel, weathered galvanized steel, wrought iron and cast iron. Not for areas of constant immersion.
Also suitable for wood, MDF, masonite, concrete, cement sheet, previously painted surfaces in good condition. May be over coated with both single and 2 pack top coats. Suitable under Quick Dry Enamel, Super Enamel 601, Hammercoat, Rust Not Epoxy Paint, 2 Pack CVI Finish, 2 Pack Iso-Free Finish and 2 Pack Colour.
 Excellent adhesion to properly prepared surfaces.
 Fast drying, cream in colour.
 Excellent levelling, sandable.
 Excellent anti corrosive properties based on zinc phosphate.
 May be used without top coating for interior use
 Good short term exterior protection without top coating. Suitable Substrates Laminate, tiles, glass, fibreglass Metal surfaces such as steel, aluminium, stainless steel, weathered galvanised steel, wrought iron and cast iron Wood, MDF, masonite, concrete, cement sheet. Existing painted surfaces: must be in sound condition-with no cracking, crazing or flaking. Surface preparation Steel: Remove mill scale, rust and old flaking paintwork by sandblasting, wire brush, grinding or sanding.

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