Altrex Automotive Range

For more than 20 years, Altrex has been proudly manufacturing and distributing the number one selling number plate protectors in Australia. Over that time, we’ve developed an excellent reputation for producing high quality products and providing superior customer service. When we say “your car, our passion” we mean it. You don’t stay in business for over 20 years unless you’re doing something right.

In addition to Altrex number plate protectors, over time, the Altrex range has gradually expanded to include Skinz External Protection, Rego Plate Locks, CarSmart Care and Detailing, Altrex Window Tint and Alpena Exterior Styling. These products have made Altrex one of Australia’s top selling and most respected brands in the marketplace today.

When the illustrious CarPlan brand of car care began looking for an Australian distributor, Altrex was the obvious choice, with our strong tradition for quality and excellent distribution network throughout over 1000 auto accessory outlets.


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